[BUG-7731] Power Chart Pen Edit Overwrites the Wrong Pen


While the pen edit sidebar is open, if I click on another pen edit in the power chart and then click "Done" on the sidebar, it overwrites all that pen's data.

Both pens:

Clicking Station 10 "Edit Pen" icon --while the Station 11 pen properties are open:

Then clicking "Done":

Result is duplicate Station 11 pens:

Let's say I have 2 pens displayed on the power chart...Station 10 and Station 11. If I click the "Pen Edit" icon on Station 11, it opens the sidebar so we can see it's properties. Now if I click the "Pen Edit" icon on Station 10 --before closing that sidebar-- and then click the "Done" button then it overwrites everything about Station 10 and creates a duplicate Station 11 pen.