[BUG-785] 8.1-rc2 Can't log in to designer

Hey guys getting this error when logging in to the designer


This combined with the bug that means I can’t write SQL queries on (8.0.16) means we now have a dozen unusable projects.

jxBrowser was upgraded from version 6 to version 7. Anything your scripts use that jxBrowser’s developers discarded will have to be rewritten to whatever v7 supplies.

Might also try deleting the ~/.ignition folder on the machine you’re trying to launch from and try again.

Thanks, so our clients still work but not the designer? Does this seem like a symptom of this?

We are only using vision… not perspective.

One of my coworkers has the same issue. What is the method to fix this?

We’ve fixed this issue for RC3, but for now, you’ll need to install the Perspective module to avoid this issue.