[Bug?] 8.0.13RC UDT in Designer Missing Scripts, Bindings etc


I am experiencing a bug in 8.0.13 where the binding and tag change scripts on a UDT definition does not appear in the designer.

See below:

If you export the UDT, all the required info is in the JSON, as seen in the snippet of the export below:

          "opcItemPath": {
            "bindType": "parameter",
            "binding": "ns\u003d3;s\u003d\"{InstanceName}\".\"Cfg\".\"AnalogueInputDeviceID\""
          "opcServer": {
            "bindType": "parameter",
            "binding": "{PLC}"
          "valueSource": "opc",
          "eventScripts": [
              "eventid": "valueChanged",
              "script": "Script is here, but redacted"
          "documentation": "Unique device ID",
          "name": "AnalogueInputDeviceID",
          "tagGroup": "LeasedSlow",
          "tagType": "AtomicTag"

I can fix the problem by importing the JSON and overwriting the UDT, but it the problem reappears at some later stage.

See the UDT after the overwrite import:

Please advise if there is any more info I can provide.