[Bug]8.0.14 OPC Browser bug


[EDIT: I have summarized this thread for clarity]

Found a bug.

If I do the following, I can make the device and tags magically disappear from the OPC Browser.
• Open Designer
• Open OPC Browser panel from Menu_View_Panels…
• Dock opened panel to right side and select Auto Hide option
• Close Designer (‘Save and Exit’ or just ‘Exit’ does not seem to matter)
• Open Designer again and expand the hidden OPC Browser panel
• OPC device and tags now not visible. Refresh does nothing.

Now do the following and the devices and tags magically re-appear.
• Expand the hidden OPC Browser panel and deselect Auto Hide option.
• Click the “X” on the panel to close it.
• Reopen OPC Browser panel from Menu_View_Panels…
• OPC Browser now sees devices and tags.

It is reproducible every time. (At least on my PC) I have a ticket submitted.

It would be interesting to see if this is reproducible by anyone else.


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Never seen anything like this on Linux. I use many different versions of the local client launchers without conflict. They’re just in different folders.

This doesn’t make sense because the OPC browser is not influenced in any way by the launchers and the contents are not cached, they are always populated live.

I can only imagine that your OPC connection on the 8.0 gateway is not connected or something.

Maybe letting support take a look at this will be the quickest way to resolve it.

Yeah… didn’t make much sense to me either. I have uninstalled, reinstalled, blah, blah, blah. I think I will go the support route. Seems like a legit suggestion. Thx Kevin.

Guessing nothing happens when you click the little refresh button? Not sure what’s going on here.

This has been confirmed by IA to be a reproducible bug and has been submitted to developers as of 7/31/20.

Ticket ID: 126427

I’m seeing the same resulting empty OPC browser in 8.1.0 but with a different route to produce it. I usually leave my Designer open at the end of the day and sleep my laptop, then in the morning I reconnect to the VPN and then I have this issue: the OPC browser is empty and refresh does nothing. I have to close the Designer and reopen to get it back.

I’ve reopened the bug ticket and linked to this thread as well as the support ticket ID mentioned in the previous post. The reproduction steps we initially had became irrelevant in 8.1 and we thought it was no longer an issue.