[BUG] 8.1.0 Perspective mobile app login doesn't work

I put a button on a View which uses the Login action with default settings. When I launch the project in the Perspective app for mobile (android) and press the button, i’m swapped over to my browser app (chromium) to log in. I log in, and then the Perspective project launches within the browser. Swapping back manually to the Perspective app, I still see that i’m not logged in.

What version of the Android app are you using? We had some issues related to Android 11 that we just released a fix for.


The release notes mention a fix to the idp login :thinking:

Is the actual browser you’re using Chromium, or based on Chromium? It’s possible that the browser doesn’t haven’t support for Chrome Custom Tabs, which is required for authentication in the app.

That’s all I got, it’s just the chrome browser for Android. I guess I got carried away when I said chromium

Are you using Ignitions built-in IdP or a custom one?

Built in, nothing changed from the default install for the idp, apart from added users and roles

Can you provide information regarding the following for the device you are using?:
Device Make/Model:
Android OS version:

Samsung S10
Android v10 patch 1st Feb 2020 (haven’t updated in a bit… maybe i’ll try that)

Windows 10 Pro

I’m not able to duplicate with the attached view on the Samsung S10 device that we have available via a service we use. View was created in 8.1.1 and the device had the December 1, 2020 security updates.

Are you using SSL at all with this gateway? We are working on trying to get our self signed certificate working on our public Ignition instance, so we haven’t been able to verify if that might be part of the issue.

LoginTest_2021-01-12_1649.zip (2.7 KB)

i’ll let you know when I get back from site if the update to my android OS from 10 to 11 has had any effect. And see if your example has the same issue.

I’m not using SSL.

We are experiencing the same issue with 8.1.1. Our customer is using an IPad and mentioned that the project launches in Safari instead of in the perspective app. We tried it with Android (v11) and see the same issue with it launching in Chrome. If we try launching the 8.0 demo that is available by default in the perspective app, it launches in the app as expected but none of our projects do. We are using SSL on our gateway.