[BUG] 8.1.0 Vision "Set XML from clipboard" not working

Shift+Right-clicking on a Template or Window and selecting Copy XML to Clipboard works, but using the Set XML from Clipboard action doesn’t do anything. Although the component you paste it onto does become italicised to indicate that something has changed (but it hasn’t)

I’ve attached this report to an existing report with an issue with find/replace on closed templates. I’m not sure what the actual problem is, but they seem like they might be related.

FWIW I’ve tried setting it both when the template is closed and open in the Designer

I’m on V8.1.1 and it’s the same.

Unfortunately it looks like the bug is still around (Ignition Platform 8.1.6)? I have an exception in some scripting that runs on opening of the window, so now there is no way to open it to fix (exception occurs before the GUI opens the window)… Any ideas? Thanks

This is fixed for 8.1.8.