[BUG] 8.1.12 Reference tags, MQTT Engine and leading spaces

We have found a bug in Ignition 8.1.12 (and probably previous versions).

What is the problem?
We have tags and UDT’s being published from local servers to a central enterprise server.
The problems we encountered are the following:

  • When we did a new push of data, all data did reset to 0, which was also logged in the historian.
  • When we have reference tags setup to the MQTT Engine tags, they keep at value 0 when we update the data with a fresh data push

How can the problem be reproduced?
When tagnames end with a space - so something like 'Site/Line/Machine/temperature ’ - Ignition finds this all okay and publishes this over MQTT just like this. This is when the problem happens.

How can the problem be solved?
Workaround is obviously not having tagnames ending with a space. However, If things go wrong when you do this, Ignition should automatically do either one:

  • Not allow you to end tagname with a space
  • Automatically remove leading or ending spaces in a tagname when tags are created