[BUG]8.1.4 Installer tries to start gateway before it is done unzipping jre-runtime

Immediately accepting the prompt to start gateway after upgrading from 8.1.2 to 8.1.4 (on Windows Server 2019 and on Windows 10 computers–haven’t tried any other OS) results in the gateway startup issue prompt on the right below:

The copying progress on the left popped up a bit later, making it a little more obvious what was happening. (As a side note, the button to open logs didn’t do anything.) However, after waiting for unzip/copy to complete the Ignition service starts without any issues (manually from Services).

Actually, it looks like this copying only happens after you tell the gateway to start. And on some computers it happens fast enough to avoid the gateway startup issue prompt.

I just ran into the same issue. However, after allowing the file unzip/copy to complete, I had to manually start the service.

Typically the jre extraction happens as part of the install process, not the start process. Im going to check this out locally really quick, thanks for the report!

That being said, if it does fail for some reason stopping and starting the service using the batch files should get it sorted out.

Jonathan C

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Yes, that’s what we had to do too; looking at it again, my original post was unclear on this point.

Thanks! I did four upgrades from 8.1.2 to 8.1.4 and saw the extraction happening after hitting start gateway on all four. On two of them, it happened quickly enough that everything started on it’s own. On two of them, it happened much more slowly and the Ignition service had to be started manually when the extraction completed. It wasn’t obvious why it happened so slowly on the two–their processors and disks weren’t particularly busy compared to the others.

If you have a moment and access to this machine still n the ~/.ignition/install dir there is an install.log file, could you DM me the log file? the folder is usually a hidden file

I’ll take a look. EDIT: Sent.