[BUG] 8.1.7 Copying tags between UDT definitions is dodgy

Picked this one up due to this:

When copying tags from one UDT to another using the Tag Editor, it's super dodgy. I copied a folder of reference tags and they pasted as memory tags with none of the configuration of the tags that I copied from.
Thankfully you can still copy tags using the tag browser between UDT definitions!!! (please don't remove this option)

Examples attached. Import both UDT definitions and then copy the 'Alarmss' folder from 'COPY FROM' UDT def into the 'COPY TO', apply, and look compare the tag types. I don't know if anything else is amiss..

tags-UDT Def-COPY TO.json (394 Bytes)
tags-UDT Def-COPY FROM.json (1.1 KB)

Copied this Alarmss folder:

To here:

and they're copied as memory tags...

Looks like nearly everything is missing from the tag config apart from the name of the tag...
Using notepad++ compare below of left side = COPY FROM and right side = COPY TO.
From the screenshot, you can clearly see that all the alarm config is missing, the reference source tag binding is missing, the only thing in tact are the name and tagType params which are suspiciously the same as what you get back when you copy the json of a UDT instance.... the stuff at the top in green is ok, that was there in COPY TO template already