[BUG-8031] Perspective appBar with embedded view and dropdown component is not showing properly

I am trying to use the appBar to load a view with a drop down component. The component is hidden under the modal background.

This is the appbar, is this what you're talking about? If so, you don't have any control of this apart from to hide it.

I think what you mean is that you've opened a popup in modal mode, and the drop down within your popup on click options is showing below the modal area and thus isn't able to be clicked?

Yes that is correct, I was experimenting with the app bar in the session props and found if you have a view that has a drop down component it shows the options below the model area.


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Thank you for reporting the issue, we now have an internal ticket to track the issue and get it fixed.

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I didn't realise this was available, good to know!