[BUG-9513]Possible bug in snap to grid mechanism

When placing an object using snap to grid this works fine when zoom-level is 100%
fex with grid spacing of 10, the coordinates of a rectangle change from 0-10-20-...
If zoomlevel is other than 100%, then the coordinates no longer jumps to an integer multiple of grid spacing. Instead you fex may get 610.166625977 etc..

This is really annoying.
-Placing objects using grid in Vision is in my opinion the most effective way. Using 5 or 10px
-Zoom level is something I use all the time, since many of my windows contains many details
-Even when returning to 100% zoom I am no longer able to place the rectangle on an "integer" coordinate.

I read others have experienced the same thing
-Please comment if there is a viable workaround, or I am doing something wrong
-If this is an actual issue I really hope this may be fixed ASAP because in my opinion this is a basic fuctionality that must work.

I saw issues with grid snapping when I first started with igntion 5?6? Years ago now. The component used to jiggle while moving the mouse about a grid point. I haven’t use the grid since though in all these years. I use the alignment tools and the x y positions :man_shrugging:

Thanks for info.
I will look into other ways of woking efficiently, but still I really think this should work in all zoom levels!
In your opinion and experience: is this the correct forum to report this kind of things? I see people sometimes get som “expert advice” from Ignition emploees.
-Or is there another dedicated “feedback-channel” for bug-reports and feature requests?

For feature requests: https://ideas.inductiveautomation.com/
For bug reports: Support Home Page | Inductive Automation

This forum is an officially unofficial venue. If you’re lucky and get a dev in the right mood, you might get a ticket filed faster, but there’s no guarantee of that, and it’s still going to go through the same triage process as everything else, so it won’t actually get fixed any faster.

As for the main issue in this thread: It’s probably unavoidable floating point precision issues while zoomed in. That said, it should absolutely work at integer resolutions once you’re back to normal zoom levels.

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For feature requests, you can post your idea here in the forum as well with a link to the idea on the ideas site to get faster up votes, assuming others are wanting the same thing.

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Hi Johannes,

We have created a bug ticket for the issue with ticket number IGN-9513. Thank you for your patience and have a great day!

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