[BUG] Adding project to Vision Client Launcher with an illegal character in server hostname

I came across an issue while adding an application within the Vision Client Launcher. I was unable to find the desired Gateway URL within my network and had to enter the Gateway URL manually. Using the server IP rather than hostname, I made a small typo placing a period after the last octet of my IP, but before the semicolon used to specify the node. I was still able to find and add the application with the unresolved IP, but upon launching the application an error message provided that the hostname had an illegal character.

I find it odd that I am able to find and add the application in the first place while the IP/hostname includes an illegal character. This error message should be prompted when the user is entering the Gateway URL when adding an application.

The error message did make this an easy fix, I simply deleted the application and fixed the typo within the gateway URL when adding the application again. Just figured it would be more efficient and less confusing for users if they experienced this error before being able to find and add applications.

I am on 8.1.13 and cannot reproduce this, i get Host Unreachable. What version are you using?