[Bug] Alarms Notification Profile - Use SMTP Profile - Ignition 8.1.1

I configured Email Notification in Alarms Notification Profile. I checked “Use SMTP Profile”, and selected the “SMTP Profile” (tested all by itself)

In the logs, I have the following error

Found Out that the setup of the “Notification Block”, in the field “From Address”, it is not displayed, but we need to add doublequote on each side of the email address

Hmm, is there something unusual about that email address? I’m not sure I’ve seen the need to add quotes before.

I also think it is strange, but it’s the only thing I changed, clicked on the field, “Home”, doublequote, “End” doublequote, “Save” and it worked.

It was my first alarm, and I can’t even reproduce the issue on a new one