[BUG] Alarms on tags copied from a parent UDT can't be modified

Bit of a strange bug, but easy to replicate: 8.1.20

  1. Create a UDT with a tag with a configured alarm
  2. Create another UDT and set the first UDT as the parent data type
  3. Copy the tag from the first UDT and modify the configured alarm
  4. The alarm is deleted from the new tag :frowning:

Hey Michael.Smith

I just tried this on 8.1.20 and I'm seeing the alarms update on the second UDT while it is set to have a parent UDT. Is there a specific configuration you're changing on the alarm? Would you be able to provide any screenshots of the behavior?

I will try to get a few screenshots later. Otherwise I can probably explain it a bit better, within the child UDT editor, I copy the tag from the parent UDT. Any modification to the configured alarm on the new tag causes the alarm to be deleted.

I think I ran into this too once. Try creating a new tag, rather than copy paste.