[BUG] Alter Dock Resetting Parameters on other open Docks

I have two docks, one of the left and one on the right.
They have different dock-id's. Left side dock has the id of menu ,right dock has the id of MES.

When the right dock is open and I click to open a configuration window (alters the menu dock, and opens it ), it opens correctly, but when I navigate back (alter the menu dock and closes it), it seems to be resetting the parameters on my right dock (MES).

I now have to alter the right dock (set the parameter that is getting reset) before closing the left dock to get around this.

	dockConfig= {
				   "view": "1_Templates/3_UI/Menu/Menu",
				   "display": 'onDemand',
				   "resizable": False,
				   "modal": True,
				   "content": 'cover',
				   "size": 300,
				   "autoBreakpoint": 800,
				   "handleIcon": ""

Has anyone else experienced this bug?

Our Gateway version is Version: 8.1.31 (b2023081007)