[Bug] Another Perspective Designer User does not exist

I have a problem that will not go away. the perspective view in the project browser says another user is editing multiple views however I know this is false. I have checked with the person who used the designer and they are offline. Also the gateway status screen for designers shows I am the only one currently online.

2023-04-19 (2)
Cescored view browse

I am still able to edit and save the views but it gets annoying to go though the popup all the time. This has been going on for some days now and it is giving me some OCD. So can anyone tell me a way to clear out the "other user"?

What version are you currently running?

The gateway is running version 8.1.24

The only way to clear it is to restart the gateway unfortunately.

There was a change in 8.1.20 (changelog) that should have resolved this issue.

Are you able to consistently replicate it in 8.1.24? Does it have to do with designer sessions disconnecting as noted in that release note?