[bug?] Append takes 2 arguements(2 given)?

I’m not sure if I’m just going about it wrong or if there is a bug, but I’m trying to append data into a new dataset, but I’m getting the following error whenever I try to run .append() on it. Any Ideas?

Huh, AFAIK python’s list append() takes 1 arg…

Yeah I just noticed I was missing my square braces around my data I was appending. Error is confusing, but it seems to work now.

You can also do newData.extend(["test","test"])

Python background/internals lesson:
newData.append() is calling the append function on newData, which is an instance of the list class, which in pseudocode looks something like:

class list(object):
    def append(self, item):
        <add an item to internal data storage>

So it’s saying it needs 2 arguments because it does - self, and item - it’s just that self is automatically passed when you call it on an object reference.

As @jpark pointed out, if you want to add multiple items in one call, just use extend.