[BUG] Binding does not work on alarm "label"

Hi ,
Ignition 8.1.12
I have a UDT and in it I have a tag which has an alarm. I would like to bind the label of the alarm to the {InstanceName} of the UDT instance but it becomes null.
I have followed the example in the link below , with the difference that I want to bind label instead of the display path .

P.S. I tried to bind the displaypath and it worked .

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Hi, i’m using 8.1.13 to try and replicate what you’re describing, is it something like this?

Here i use a string and the instance name to form the phrase i want at the label, then it shows up like this at the alarm status table:

Can you show us the expression you’re using?

here is what I have used for both label and display path .
the following is the UDT instance that has the alarm.