[BUG?]Browser Virtual Keyboard Extensions don't write into input field text prop

This may not be an Ignition issue...
I have a customer using desktop PCs without keyboards, so they need to use a virtual keyboard to type anything.

I have spent far too long trying to force Windows 10 to open its native OSK if a keyboard isn't attached on desktop hardware and have given up :face_with_symbols_over_mouth: :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:. No option will open the OSK even in Windows OS windows like the start menu/file explorer, etc. /rage_quit

I've resorted to installing a virtual keyboard extension into all sorts of browsers (Chrome, Firefox (although the only ones available are paid so I havent' tested this one), Brave), and while the keyboards all show up when I click on a numeric input/text field/area text field, and pressing on keys actually input the chars into the field, the values don't actually make it into the components' props.text. I've confirmed this by binding another label's text to the input field's text, and this never changes. Typing with a keyboard works, and manually opening up the Windows OSK works as well, just not the browser extensions. The browser extension does, however, let me type into the login fields and log in. So my guess is that it's something to do with the input field components themselves :confused:

The browser extensions I've tested are:


Edit: It appears that the virtual keyboard extensions' Enter button is more like a line feed which doesn't trigger the enter key event handler (or something)

Obviously, I'd like to avoid using a browser extension if I can, so if anyone has any ideas about how I can force Windows 10 into submission, I'm all ears!! Maybe I should threaten to delete random files from the System32 folder....

None of the exchange resources can overcome this in windows 10? I saw a similar conversation about this earlier this week:


I must have missed that topic (which is strange!) :weary: and I didn't know that exchange resource existed - that's very handy and seems to work perfectly :slight_smile: thanks for the heads up! No more playing mind games with Microsoft.

Interesting use of the dashboard component though haha. Makes it difficult to edit like making the +/- and decimal buttons hidable

FWIW, I made some changes to the numpad:

  • converted dashboard layout to flex container with 4 rows to allow me to add ability to hide decimal and +/-
  • moved script code into script library functions (for opening the popup only)
  • added a numeric display template View which utilises the script functions

I might reach out to the original dev once I finish up a couple other things I want to do in the template view.

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