BUG ? Button (or klick) inside Carousel using Mobil\Tablet


I have a site that uses a carousel, and it was all working fine until I wanted a button inside the page.

I have 4 windows inside the carousel, and on the last window, I have a button (or text with an event to open a popup).

The trouble is, when you click the link, it jumps back to page 01 in the carousel!! I made a script to open a popup, but when you click the link, it jumps back to page 01, and the popup is gone.

Also, when you click the link, you have to scroll back and forward to make it work again.

This is very frustrating; my whole setup is based on the view inside this carousel.

Does anyone know a fix for this? Or is there any other option I can use to "scroll" different pages, as I don't want to use the TAB menu?

Thanks for all the help.

I notice the page does not appear the same as on my Maker Edition.
On the License Edition, i got the error not on ME.

Also, because I could not use Carousel, I changed to use TAB Menu.
But now I have the problem when you press the menu or buttons, it SELECT the text instead of enter the text. sigh

I added inside PROPS: user-select=none !
But that did not change anything.

No solution to this problem ?

I'm not seeing this behavior. I tried setting up 2 views, put them in a carousel, and adding a button in the 2nd view to open a popup. Everything works as expected.

Can you give us more details about how you're doing things ?
And what version you're using ?

Ok, thank you very much for testing.

That proves that my Work Gateway can be the problem ? (because I do have huge trouble using the carousel)
I have the latest designer, but the settings must be stored in the Gateway maybe.

This is the version I use for Work: Version: 8.1.25 (b2023021409)

And this is the version I use home: Version: 8.1.28 (b2023060110)

When I use user-select=none it does not have any effect on my Work gateway, but the same copy on my Server home does indeed work out like it should!