[BUG] Calendar - Week view - Starting from monday/sunday

Hello everybody,
I’m using Ignition version 8.1.1 and on a vision project I’ve noted a bug on calendar. To be specific, in the week view component.

On the runtime project if I login in Italian language during the client startup, the calendar start from Monday until I change the language to English, then the calendar change view and start from Sunday.
But when I change back to Italian language, the starting day of the week still Sunday and doesn’t change back to Monday, until I close the client and start it again in Italian language directly.

I’ve tested this with two different client, with different OS Languages (english and italian) but the result is the same.

Form more info
The gateway is installed on a Windows server 2016 with english OS Language.



8.1.1 is very old, I wonder if it’s been fixed in later versions? I’d recommend upgrading regardless as there have been a lot of enhancements and bug fixes since then

Thanks for reply, but I test also with the last version and the result is the same.
If you check the change log between 8.1.1 and 8.1.15 there are no updates regarding calendar objects.

Exactly the same thing is happening to me also…
Ignition v8.1.15, calendar week view component and Slovenian language (Italian neighbor)…

When I start the client (on Windows 10 with regional settings to Slovenian), the week view component show Monday as the first day of the week. When I change the language with the Language selector to Slovenian, the first day becomes Sunday…!?
And then no matter what language I select, Sunday is always the first day…

Yes. I think is the java calendar object. It needs to be debugged from Inductive automation. :sweat_smile: