[BUG] Cannot browse udt instance

Since last update I cant browse udt instances anymore.
I also can not bound an udt to a view parameter in perspective (this was already before last update)

For the browsing a UDT Instance issue, could you please provide a little more information on where you aren’t able to browse UDT instances any longer? Is this happening in the Tag Browser, in one of the components, or somewhere else? When attempting to duplicate I haven’t been able to see any problems.

As for binding a UDT to a View Parameter it is possible, but it isn’t the most intuitive thing at this point. To do this you will do the following:

  1. Create a new view that will be used as a drop target for your UDT. This would be similar to a template in vision.
  2. In the View, there is a dropConfig.udts property. You will configure this in the following way:
    • type: The name of the UDT Definition
    • param: A value you select that will be defined in the PARAMS area of the view later on
    • action: For binding purposes, use bind
  3. in the View PARAMS area, add a new Object with the key equaling the name you defined in dropConfig.udts.param
  4. Add the components you wish to bind to your UDT. You will bind the appropriate properties to view.params... The tag name will be changed to all lower case and any spaces will be replaced with underscores.
  5. Create another view
  6. Drag a UDT instance onto the view and you should be provided the View Name that you linked the UDT to. Click it to drop an embedded view component onto this view that is bound to the UDT.

At this point you will see params. show up in the property editor with the Bound UDT values. If you have any bindings that aren’t working, this is where you can confirm the name used as a key. You would adjust the settings in the primary view and then confirm they took in the view that it is embedded in.

Hopefully this helps.