[Bug] Cannot delete component

In Vision 8.0.15 if you bind a property on a group to a property on another component then ungroup that group you will then not be able to delete the other component.

Repeatable with the visibility property on a group bound to the Selected property of a toggle button. After ungrouping the group attempts to delete the toggle button give error “Cannot Delete. Cannot get path for floating component: Group”. No workaround found which allows the toggle button to be deleted (recreating the group does not work)

Interesting. Probably have to do some surgery with the window XML (via the shift-right-click menu).

Sorry to bump this more than 2 years later - was a fix ever found for this? I have the same problem.

Had the same problem and it would let me delete an item if it was the only thing in the container, so I had to add another item first I could delete the one I wanted gone