[BUG]Cannot set Tag.Enable on tags inside UDT (8.0.12)

Unable to toggle a Tag’s Enable attribute when it used within a UDT, either from the designer tag browser or scripting, the same tag defined as loose tag outside of a UDT always works fine.

In my tests this mainly affects OPC tags, memory tags do sometimes work, I used the Hostname of a Modbus driver for my OPC tag tests
Exporting and re-import the UDT always breaks any previously working tags.

This maybe fixed in 8.0.13 nightly, but I was unable to test thoroughly as the UDT editor has a major issue at the moment, is it a known issue and is it fixed, I don’t see anything in the
change logs?

I was able to reproduce the tag enable issue in regards to setting the enable flag in the tag browser, opening and then closing the UDT instance made this go away. From what I can tell, the issue is strictly a cosmetic one, as the underlying tags are actually being enabled/disabled - if you open the UDT instance the tags should show as disabled. Also, both the tag browser and bound components were properly allowing/disallowing writes based on the enabled status. If you’re seeing different behavior than this, LMK.

In regards to the UDT editor issue, I’m not familiar with this, and I can’t reproduce in basic testing. What is the “major issue”, and what are you doing to cause it? If you could upload a tag export I can take a look.

Thanks for your prompt response clarifying the tag display issue we can work with that, with regards to the UDT editor panel, after upgrading from 8.0.12 to 8.0.13 nightly I get the below error when trying to open an existing upgraded UDT definition or create a new one.

Error.txt (28.0 KB)