[Bug] Cannot shelve alarms from a remote tag provider with capital letters in the name

Unexpected behaviour
When shelving an alarm from a perspective alarm status table, the alarm entry moves from the Active tab to the Shelved tab, but when the alarm retriggers, new instances appear in the active tab.

Expected behaviour
Shelved alarms do not show as Active until the shelving time elapses.

Other details

  • This only occurs in our hub/spoke gateway architecture, where perspective clients are connected to the hub gateway and alarms are coming via remote tag providers from the spoke gateways.
  • This only occurs when the tag provider names for the spoke gateways include capital letters.
  • Tested on several gateway versions 8.1.x up to 8.1.30
  • Tested on Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, and Perspective Workstation clients
  • Tested with both full Ignition gateways and Ignition Edge gateways on the spokes.

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Great bug report. You should submit it as an actual bug. (This forum is not support. Open a ticket at https://support.inductiveautomation.com/ instead.)

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Agreed; it is excellent, and I hope my original post didn't come across the wrong way. Sometimes people don't realize that the forum is mostly just other developers that volunteer to help out. We aren't official.


Not a problem. I just saw and replied to this before I saw your comment on the other.

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