[BUG] Can't copy and paste tags part of UDTs between Designers


I’m sure I’ve already raised this maybe under a different name, but it’s not possible to copy and paste tags from inside a UDT definition in the tag editor between designers. Paste does nothing. You can’t copy them from the tag browser either… very annoying. I have to copy the json, try to find the definitions for the tags i’m wanting to copy, then paste them into the json of my UDT definition in the other designer and then finally import that into the tag browser. PLEASE fix these:

  1. allow copying and pasting of json into UDT definitions both in the tag browser and in the tag editor
  2. allow copying and pasting of tags between designers, both standard tags and tags inside of UDT definitions

These changes that were made in 8.1.x at some point are a real efficiency killer!!

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