[BUG] Can't rearrange components in flex container past non-displayed component

I originally bumped into this w/ 8.0 and just reconfirmed it is still present in today’s nightly (b2019050902).

Here’s how to reproduce it:

  1. Start a new project using the “Perspective Menu Nav” template
  2. Open the “Header/Header” view
  3. Add any new component to the root flex container. It appears on the far right by default
  4. Select the new component and try to drag it left
  5. Observe that it will move before the “Spacer End” component but then get stuck unable to move past the “Options” item
  6. If you adjust the “display” property on the “Options” component so it is visible, then you can now move the new component past it

Probably a low priority since there is a workaround, but still annoying.