[BUG?] Chart X-Trace not showing correct values when Range zoomed in

A customer of ours has just noticed that when they zoom in on a chart, any trend values outside of the new chart range are capped at the new range value that it crosses over.

For example see screenshots below. The value reading at the x-trace should read 51.6662, but when zoomed in with the chart range max at 35, the x-trace reads 35…

Zoomed in:

Zoomed out:

Is this just a setting that I missed?

Thanks in advance.

Looks like a bug. Consider switching to my NoteChart alternatives… they have a rewritten X-Trace feature that doesn’t have this problem. Among other enhancements… (-:

Looks good Phil, and has a feature I was looking for with the annotations. One of our customers has some flow rates they’re trending and they go hand-in-hand with different types of product they send through the lines which we also log. They wanted to have indication on the flow rate charts what product was flowing through the line along the timeline. Sounds like I could simply attach the product log to the annotation notes dataset. I’ll raise it with our customer. Cheers

(I’ll still raise a bug for the standard chart object however)

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This is a bug with the chart/easy chart - it’s already fixed in 7.9.11.

Thanks Paul. Any idea when this will be out? Also, what happened to 7.9.10?

Out in the next few weeks. Dev’s usually a release or two ahead internally, to give QA time to shake things out.

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Darn. I thought I had an easy sale. :smiling_imp:

Don’t give up, Phil. It will be a while yet before 7.9.11 release. There’s a lot in there for QA to go through. :slight_smile:

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And I still need that annotation feature, haha