[BUG] column layout and flex repeater

When I use the flex repeater in the column layout it does contain a bug.
I want the flex repeater show in columns when large and medium, and as row when in small.
But when I change that property for small then all of them are changed.

When using the column container, the only things that change when changing the breakpoints are what is contained in the component’s position.breakpoints array. Any other property will remain the same between the breakpoints.

One way around this, if you still want the column container to be the top level view component, is to put the flex repeater inside of a breakpoint container and define the breakpoint on the breakpoint container to be equal to the size where you want this to change.

I’ve attached an example project here with how that would look like with a breakpoint container that contains a flex repeater with 3 instances. The breakpoint is set to 600px. testing.proj (5.3 KB)

hmm, this is indeed the result I was hoping for.
But in the meantime another question popped up.

I want the flex repeater shown in column mode. When the flex objects exceed the height of the template repeater it shows a scroll ball, instead of add a new row of columns.

An easy way to make that work is to set the breakpoint position.height variable equal to 100% instead of a pixel value. That way it should grow and shrink to fit the views inside the flex repeater.

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