[Bug] Context menu associated keys are disabled

This in 8.1.15 (running under Ubuntu)

I’m editing a Perspective view and have selected an object. The right click context menu allows me to Copy, Duplicate, Delete etc, but the matching, associated keys are disabled.

The example below shows me manipulating an embedded SVG, but I have also seen this with built-in elements (such as a toggle switch). And I just noticed the “Configure” actions at the bottom of the menu also have their associated keys disabled

Are you rdp/remoting into the workstation that is hosting the Designer?

I have tested on a local 8.1.15 Linux and was able to use all of the key shortcuts.

Ok for this setup I have a Linux VM with Ignition running on a Windows 10 box, but I am RDP’ing from my Mac Mini into the W10 box.

But I don’t have a problem interacting with the Linux VM itself using control keys in the same manner

Are you able to copy and paste from a web browser, or somewhere else like a Vision Client, when you RDP into the W10 box?

I RDP’ed to my windows box, started the Linux VM, opened the designer from within the VM, highlighted a property value, did ctrl-c and then went back to my macOS box and did cmd-v and successfully pasted the value into a text file.

Screen Shot 2022-03-28 at 10.50.26 AM

OK … it’s weirder than I thought.

Even though the keystrokes in my original image show as being not enabled. Ctrl-X, Ctrl-C, Ctrl-D and Ctrl-V do work in the designer from my macOS into the Linux VM

But Delete does not work. And it may be that what is marked as Delete on my Mac keyboard isn’t mapped to whatever Delete key is that you are expecting in the designer. And I probably made my initial post based on Delete and didn’t properly try the other keys.

Do you mind sharing more about the type of keyboard you are using? The Delete key functionality is something we would want to follow up on.

The coloration for those keystrokes is expected. That light grey color does not mean they are disabled, although I can see how they appear that way.

Try Fn+Del.

I’m using an Apple bluetooth keyboard that is the previous version of this

And @Kevin.Herron Fn+Del works for the deleting. But this isn’t surprising when using a Mac to control non-mac stuff.

So my real objection is basically then that the UX makes me think that the keys are disabled. But in my defense every other system I have used since the dawn of even DOS based computers has used a greyed out font color to indicate a disabled/unavailable command.