[BUG]Ctrl+Mouse wheel does not zoom to mouse cursor in Coordinate container

When trying to focus zoom to the cursor in a coordinate container, in Vision (or other app) you’d use Ctrl+Mouse wheel to zoom in using the cursor as the centre. However in Perspective, it just zooms into the top left corner

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It’s not that it’s zooming to the top left, per se; when you zoom into any page in a web client it isn’t actually zooming to a particular point - it’s just re-rendering everything with scaled components. Try it out on any other webpage and you’ll see the same result.

The challenge you have is setting up your page to be able to gracefully handle different ‘zoom’ levels while not losing control of your layout. Try zooming into, say, the whatsapp web client and you’ll see that the alignment stays correct and at certain levels of zoom it removes unnecessary elements (like the background). The problem is closely related to how you have to be able to handle different screen sizes.

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True. I guess zooming to cursor doesn’t make sense for containers other than the coordinate container, which is where my issue lies. I’ll clarify my topic name, thanks for the info and reply

Hmm, I don’t think a generic container should have such zoom option. My guess is you’re trying to make a component where zooming is a standard interaction. Like a map perhaps?

In that case, you should probably just listen to the wheel events and code your own zooming. Perhaps in the coordinate container to make your calculations more predictable.

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I was actually just trying to draw a P&ID mimic page to see how viable it is in Perspective at the moment. It’s fairly hard to line things up though, which is when I tried to zoom