[BUG] Database Query Browser evaporates your edit changes if not in read/write mode

If you've made changes to a table's cell values within this tool and press OK to accept the changes but you don't have the designer in read/write mode, an error tells you that your changes can't be made due to the wrong mode, and your edits subsequently get discarded! Very frustrating, especially if you've made a lot of changes. It should go back into edit mode and keep the edits ready to accept after you've changed the mode, or otherwise, actively discard by Cancel

What do you mean, edits get discarded ?
The query should still be there so you can just rerun it, or am I missing something ?

edit: Oh, you mean in the edit mode !
Never even noticed those

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I'm not talking about using INSERT/UPDATE statements, i'm talking about editing cells from a SELECT query from the resultset table itself.


I would think a better option would be to disallow selecting Edit mode when in Read-Only comms.

EDIT: OTOH, I barely use it after I started using Datagrip.

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Datagrip FTW!!

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