[BUG] dateTime Input


I am experiencing an issue with the dateTime input component. The value is always one hour before the selected time. Has anyone had this problem before?

I’m using version 8.0.13

Are you in a different time zone than the server that is running the gateway? In my case it appears that the formattedValue is the time that I selected, but the value is the corresponding time for the time zone in which the server is located.

After changing the time zone on my computer to match that of the server, and restarting the designer, the formattedValue and value properties match. So I think that the formattedValue will match what you input, but the value is the time at the server location accounting for the timezone difference between your computer and the server.


I am having the same issue with a DateTimePicker on my project. The Designer I am working on and the Client I test from are based in one timezone and the gateway is based in another. There is a 10hr difference between the DateTimePicker “value” and the “formattedValue” that I cant seem to do anything about. How can this be made useful/consistent across timezones? I just want the DateTimePicker “value” to equal whatever is entered on the GUI.

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