[BUG] Decimal separator in numeric input field behaves wrong for non-english locales

In the vision designer’s preview mode, the numeric text field behaves wrong if the systems locale uses a comma as decimal separator.
There is also a different behaviour when a project language is new added.

Ignition: b2019031302, Client OS: Windows 10, Client system locale: German

Behaviour on my system:

  • New project
  • Create a numeric text field with default settings
  • Text filed behaves as expected, a dot is used as decimal separator
  • Add ‘German’ as project language
  • Switch preview language to ‘German’
  • Enter ‘12,34’ and press ‘Enter’
  • Displayed value is ‘1.234’ when enter is pressed, value property is correct 1.23
  • When leaving the text field with ‘Tab’ the display changes to 1,23
  • Enter ‘12,34’ and press ‘Tab’
  • Displayed value and property is ‘1.234’

Save project, restart designer

  • Preview mode, language ‘German’
  • Text field still displays ‘1.234’
  • After entering a value, text field behaves as expected
  • Set preview language to ‘English’
  • Enter ‘12.34’ and press ‘Enter’
  • Displayed value is ‘1,234’ , value property is ‘1.23’

The client shows the same behaviour when ‘English’ is selected in the login dialog. Also, after a start the client displays the text that was displayed in the designer when the project was saved. The current value should be parsed to the current locale on windows opening instead.

Hi @chi,

I apologize for the delayed response here. Have you ran into the same issue on the newest build?

There have been issues with decimal separators on foreign languages before. See

But this appears to interpret the separator one stage further. First rendering it with one separator, and then interpreting it as the other.


in build b2019033002 and also in 8.0.0-rc1 (b2019040123) the designer still shows the same issue as before after restarting the designer. It is now consistent before and after the first save.
The client shows this issue in this build only when the locale is changed after the first login (Logoff, Relogin with another locale).

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