[BUG] Default button property style not always applied on designer

On a popup window, I have a button with the option “Default Button” set to true, which usually makes the button background blue, etc. but often the checkbox is selected but the button looks like a normal one:


And I have to remove and set the Default button option so it applies back again:



  • It’s the only button on the popup with this option set.
  • The bug is just a graphical issue on the designer, the look is correct on the client.
  • This apprears every time I go to another part of ignition designer’s project browser (example: I’m on vision, displaying the popup window, then I go to the named queries, or the scripting or any other view that “hides” the windows), and when I go back to viewing the popup, the default button style is gone.
  • It is also possible to only just close the popup and open it again to have the default button style correctly applied again.

Same problem by me with Ignition 8.1.2 (b2021020311). No solution yet?