[BUG] Designer edits not being saved/implemented

I ran into an interesting quirk in which alterations to a project in the designer are not registering as changed when saving. I’m able to edit components and such but the designer will not recognize anything as being altered when saving. I was able to work around this issue by restarting the Ignition server.

I am seeing this behavior in Perspective module. I haven’t tried Vision module.

I’ve not been using the Vision module so I can’t say if the issue arises there too. I do hope the workaround I’ve found helps people along with this until it can be completely fixed.

Are you still encountering this issue?

There have been MANY changes since this was originally reported, and I haven’t seen any activivty to suggets it’s still being encountered.

If you ARE still seeing this, please do the following next time you encounter the behavior:

  1. Copy the logs from the Designer console, save them as a text file.
  2. Copy your view.json for the offending View from the file system. (Inductive Automation/ignition/data/projects/project_name/views/view_path/view_name/view.json)
  3. Make a new post in this thread with the text file attached, the view.json file attached, and provide a clear explanation of what you were doing the moment you noticed there were no changes to save - even though you’d changed something.

I am having this exact issue with Vision Module V 11.1.5. I see it says “Solved” but does anybody know how to fix the issue without restarting the server?

EDIT: I was unable to save a bevel border on a multi state indicator using the common border attribute. Instead I had to use the dataset editor under Appearance > Styles and manually change each state to the border using the border(bevel;0)

I was having an issue with the designer not saving some visual changes ahead of a V7 to V8 upgrade, and through some sheer luck, and watching differences in Vision Property Editor between a text field that changed, and a text field that didn't, make sure the Editable? button is True. It is below Behavior when filter is set to ALL.

Hope this helps.