[Bug] Designer Freezing

So I’m seeing the designer freeze quite a bit, where it doesn’t show (Not Responding) for the task, it just won’t let me do anything with it. The designer will stop letting me interact with it past shrinking or maximize/minimize but I can do nothing else. I have to stop the task in task manager and re-open the Designer. This happens at seemingly random points but I have found that the Alarm Notification Pipeline causes the designer to freeze every time when i try to link the start block to a notification block. Right when i click on the anchor point on the start block the designer freezes. Once or twice I got an error box pop up saying “index out of bounds for a length of 16”.

Has anyone else been seeing the Designer freeze or had issues with the Alarm Notification Pipeline recently? I’m using the 8.0.3 nightly build that I downloaded today.

Sounds like the same bug as this [BUG-14463]Alarm Pipeline drawing freeze Designer. This should be fixed in the 8.0.3 RC that should be released in the coming days.