[Bug] Designer keeps closing script files when editing


The Designer keeps closing the script file I’m currently editing (In Scripting/Project Library), for no apparent reason.
I honestly can’t say what triggers it - sometimes I type, sometimes I’m just reading the code & all of a sudden it happens & throws me to the last Perspective view I had opened previously, so I need to grab my mouse & double click the file again.
The only good news is that everything I typed up to the crash stays there even when I didn’t save it.

Sometimes it happens “only” a few times a day, sometimes it happens approximately every minute.
It does not happen because of a keyboard shortcut I pressed (for example ctrl+s) - I installed a tool that displays what keys I’m pressing to check if maybe I’m pressing something by accident & I don’t, so it really seems random.
It happens when I’m the only one working in the Designer & also when other people are working on the same project on their machines, so that’s most likely not the cause.

I’m on version 8.1.4, this behaviour started last thursday (6th of May, 2021) & is persistent even after reinstalling the Designer.

I’m sorry, but I can’t figure out any other relevant piece of information to give you, so please ask what other info you need to solve this.


Hi Jan,

Do you face this issues on the this particular PC only?

Have you tried installing in separate PC / or a fresh VM on the same PC?

This will help determine if the issue is with the PC or the Ignition Version installed.