[BUG?]Dropdown Modal Popup (long list) Scrolling Issue

I have a long list (185) items that opens a dropdown menu in a modal popup and I am not able to scroll at all.
The only style applied to the popup is this:

.iaDropdownCommon_options_modal>div:first-child {
    max-height: 80% !important;

Adding overflow: scroll to the CSS stylesheet shows the scrollbar, but it's empty and I still cannot scroll.

What version of Ignition are you using? We recently (8.1.29, which is still in RC) added more capabilities to the Dropdown to allow for specifying a min and max height, because earlier versions ran into issues similar to yours. I'd be curious to see if you encounter the same issue after using 8.1.29 to actually apply this setting as part of the property schema.


I don't know that there's a good, reliable way to control this in 8.1.27. Here is the changelog for when the new feature was added.

I'm not really worried about the min/max height. I need the scroll bar to appear when the list is too long to be displayed in the height of the dropdown.

The only time i can get the drop down to not scroll is if i make the browser so small that it cannot fit, is this the same thing that you are seeing?

I guess technically that's the same thing. The list is 185 items long, so no browser height would fit them all.

The drop down in my example is 230 items long, it only ever shows a handful before the scroll bar kicks in. Is the max height you have set displaying 80% of the items?

80% of the items would still be 148 items. It's definitely not showing them all. Only showing 39.5. I think it's 80% of the view it's nested in.

If I comment out that style it scrolls just fine.

I think you are right, i had it do the same thing on non popup view, but it was always when i was messing with my browser size while not full screen or i made my popup extend off screen.