[Bug-Duplicate]Errors Occur when adding Navigation event

i have a script taking inputs and then passing them into session custom properties which works fine in by itself in a button. when adding a navigation action after the script it seem to through an error on the log (see below):
The navigation action works correctly however the script does not fire.

ClientSession	20Jan2019 10:14:51	Received event for missing view "Main/Maintainance/StartCard@C"

Version: 8.0.0-beta0 (b2019011702)
Server: Windows Server 2012 R2

Confirmed on build b2019011102 as well. Script event action produces log warning when coupled with a navigation action:

ClientSession	21Jan2019 08:27:40	Received event for missing view "dev@C"

Appears to be independent of the action order in the event configuration (both Script action-> Navigation action and Navigation action -> Script action produce the same result).

I vaguely recall this being a known issue. The workaround was to only use the script action and have the script open the target view in addition to whatever else you need.

Found it… :grin:


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