[Bug] Duplicating Array Instances

When you duplicate an instance in an array, the bindings don't follow the instance they were bound to. The bindings stick to the instance according to the array index.

Longstanding complaint that IA won't fix, as it seems to be pretty fundamental to how bindings work.

Ahh bummer!
Nice to know though.

I think our current internal opinion is that this was always intended because of how bindings work, but maybe we can change it. We have an open ticket to come to a determination if modifying this behavior is possible and worthwhile (based on scope), with the expectation that this would obviously not work if the items are "moved" by scripting or bindings.

Regardless, this is not something which will be changing anytime soon.

Hi cmallonee, thanks for the reply.
That does make sense on the premis of how the binding work. I guess in the use case where you are adding in an array element into the array, not the end (duplicating) you want the bindings to shuffle with your addition, hence saving the effort to move each binding.
My use case for this is using a template repeater that contains binded parameters for the instances.

Glad to hear its not a new issue and is being looked at even if its decided to be intended design and not changed.

Keep up the good work!

Is there a reason you don't just incorporate your bindings into a single binding on the instances level?

The main reason is I joined the project part way and this is the way it has been done all over, too late to change it. The repeated component has multiple bindings needed per instance and staticlly set parameters. So unfortunatley not as simple as combining into a binding on the instance level without creating arrays to feed that.

I think ideally that is what would have been done. Thanks