[BUG] EasyChart : Legend properties has no effect

We upgrade a 7.9 backup to Ignition 8.0.4-NIGHTLY - 21/08/2019

In the easyChart, when we change the Legend from None to Left or other, the Legend is never displayed ?

Hi mazeyrat

upgraded from 7.9 to 8.0.4 latest build and the legend continued to display and be functional. Was able to get work by doing the following : -

  1. Added some simulator tags and collected historical data on them.
  2. Dragged and dropped the tags onto the Easy chart
  3. The legend is displayed
  4. Put the designer in preview mode
  5. Go to the Vision Property editor > legend and select on none and then rotate through the various options.
    All the properties seem to work fine and you are able to toggle between all the properties.