BUG Edge Tags used in Expression Tags

This is with Edge V8 MQTT and Distributor V7.9. Most of it seems to work and Cirrus Link has indicated that V8 Edge is compatible with V7 modules.

The issue is this: if you create a Boolean memory tag on the Edge, you can turn it on or off from the linked cloud-based Distributor/Engine/Ignition. If you then take that same tag and use it in another Edge Tag’s expression, then try to write from the cloud, it will write a true, but not reflect that status in the cloud Ignition. So if you set the tag’s value again from the cloud, it does not change in the Edge because the cloud thinks it is off. You can’t turn it back off again! You CAN turn it back off again with scripting (system.tag.write). This behavior seems to stick with boolean tags even if they are no longer being used in the expression tag.