[Bug] Embedded view doesn't work in Perspective session but does in designer

When you use an embedded view in perspective, in the PROPS.path variable, you’ll have to write down the name of the view you want to use. If the view you want to use is inside a folder, you’ll need to use slashes or backslashes to locate it (example: “iamafolder/iamanotherfolder/iamaview” or “iamafolder\iamanotherfolder\iamaview”).

But beware, because if you use backslashes “” then your embedded view will only work properly in the designer viewport (the editor software). In the perspective session (Tools → Launch Perspective → Launch Session), you will get a “View not found” error, even though the path you wrote in PROPS.path is right.

Replacing every backslash “” with a simple slash “/” allow the embedded view to work in both designer and perspective.

Ignition Platform
Version : 8.1.4-rc1 (b2021031812)
License : (there’s nothing under “License”)

Perspectibe Module
Version : 2.1.4-rc1 (b2021031812)
License : Trial

The bug is that backslashes work at all. They should not. Backslashes as folder separators applies to Windows-based filesystems–nowhere else.


If you select a view from the path’s dropdown, you get forward slashes. Everywhere in the documentation it also mentions forward slashes, so I’m not sure why you would consider this a bug? (or why you’re trying to use backslahes?)


I’m jumping on a project that was already started before I joined and I’m using Ignition for the first time in my life. So I had to learn mostly by looking at what code there already was in the project, and I saw path with backslashes several times (both on embedded views and on images).

So I guess my predecessors were wrong :confused:

Might be why they are your predecessors. /:


Haha :smile: good one Phil