[Bug] eWON connector not working in 8.0

The Web Browser, eWonConnector, PA Office modules all faulted when Bet8 was installed. I don’t think they’re compatible with version 8. How can these be resolved?

The original eWon Connector module is an open source module and exists on github. Someone could certainly take that source, update it, and commit it back to repo. (https://github.com/IgnitionModuleDevelopmentCommunity)

PA Office modules is from Perfect Abstractions. You’ll want to reach out to them to request an update to that module.

Thanks for the info.

It is extremely important that these modules are going to work especially the ewon connector.

Do you know is someone from ewon or IA is going to truely support the ewon connector since Ignition to me is only truely useful if we have this supported connector.

Once the 8 SDK is out (if its not already) the module can be updated for 8. Its an open source module, so if you completely depend on it you should be willing to compile the module yourself just in case the author stops updating it.

Although according to github, @Travis.Cox wrote it, so maybe he will make an 8 branch. Might want to ask him.

Thanks for the info.

I’ve talked with Travis, and the “eWonConnector” module is currently in the process of being brought up-to-date with Ignition 8.0. I do not have an expected completion date - only that it is in-progress.

I have branched the eWonConnector module for Ignition 8. You can check Github for the module to test out. There has been quite a few changes to the SDK in regards to this module. If you run into any issues let me know.

Fantastic. Who ultimtely supports the ewon connector and is this going to be supported now and into the future?

The module is on the “Ignition Module Development Community” as an open source project. I would like to see the community support the module going into the future.

Since we don’t sell the ewon connector, we don’t have any paid support contracts that include it. If you’re looking to pay for support for the ewon connector module, we’ve had several module developers in our community offer to support it for anyone who wants to purchase a support contract with them.

Why would IA not want support this module and sell it since ewons are becoming very popular for interconnnecting remote devices?

I would be more than happy to pay for this module and prefer this as opposed to open source and not necessarily maintained

Can you send me the link to this github where the ewondataconnector is for testing on Beta 8


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Downloaded .modl but the webpage to configure the ewon connector which is where you specify the account name and credentials for the DataMailBox connector for ewon I am getting an Internal error when trying to open up this webpage within the Ignition Gateway Configure section

@john.schlottke can you upload a wrapper.log file for the full stacktrace of the ‘Internal Error’ you’re getting?

It won’t let me upload files since it says sorry new users cannot upload files

I suggest sending to support@inductiveautomation.com, then. Be sure to reference this thread. :slight_smile:

Kevin and I updated the module so that the configure page works - https://github.com/IgnitionModuleDevelopmentCommunity/eWonConnector/tree/Ignition-8

I don’t have an eWON account or whatever else is required to actually test, but that should get you in the right direction.

Ok the config page is working now. However the tags are not showing up in the ewonPPac connector liuke they have in the past. Not sure if there is something missing but I have all the right credentials as before and have tested an Excel workbook I have that can grab from the ewon DataMailBox. Is there somthing that needs reset

I can send you the credentials to test but would want to do through a personal email as opposed to a forum for testing only Let me know how to send you this info