[Bug] "Export" does not include all items selected in project browser

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Open a project in Designer.
  2. In the Project Browser, use “Ctrl” to select 2 or more windows and 2 or more templates.
  3. Right-click the template and click “Export”.
  4. In the export window, notice that both templates from the project browser are selected but none of the windows.
  5. Note it’s the same behavior if you Right-click a window and click “Export”; all the windows stay selected but none of the templates.

My team exports relatively infrequently and not everyone realizes/remembers this behavior (it’s not obvious when the Export window has hundreds of entries and the un-checked windows aren’t in view). But over the years I keep seeing our standard references missing necessary windows/templates.

E.g. our SharePoint-hosted standard reference for a Keyence barcode reader will include some documentation, an export of the PLC instruction, and a *.proj and *.xml file for the Ignition windows, templates, and tags. But the *.proj will only include the popup windows to configure the barcode reader, and none of the regular templates.

From the tag, this is only in 7.9?

This is definitely the case in 7.9. I’m not sure whether it applies to 8.0/8.1.

I have experienced this twice this week on 8.1.10.
Designer version: 1.1.11

I exported my entire project for another integrator and while I was walking through the changes I noticed that my new nav modifications were not there on his machine. I exported from my designer again and realized my nav view as well as another view were not even in the list to export. Gateway export yielded same result. No errors to speak of.

If I right clicked the view and exported individually it worked though.