[Bug/Feature-13000]Shift Key Selected By Default When Logging Into Perspective On Mobile

When I trigger a Perspective login on iOS, it takes me to a username field where the shift key is selected by default. It’s my experience that username fields on most other devices do not behave this way, so users encountering a login dialog are accustomed to either not selecting the shift key if their username starts with a lower case letter, or selecting the shift key if it starts with an upper case letter. Since usernames are case sensitive, this will in both cases cause a failed login.

Very minor niggle, but is there any reason it has to be this way? The password field, of course, doesn’t select the shift key automatically.

I don’t have an Android device handy to test with, to know whether or not it applies there too.

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While investigating, I found that Android does indeed have the same behavior. As for whether or not this behavior is something we want, I would say no, but I also don’t know how much behavior we have over something like this, as it’s the device keyboard being used… I’ll open a ticket to at least get the discussion going.

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This should be possible according to the HTML spec, though I don’t know how well it’s supported in different browsers / keyboards.

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It is really an annoying first contact with the application/Ignition for new user… being unable to log in because of the first letter is capitalized and username are case sensitive. I launching a project, and wondering if I start every user name with a capital letter to work around that.

I would prefer username to NOT BE case sensitive anyway.

I would strongly oppose changing the current case-sensitivity. Tweaking the UI where possible is the right answer.

That is right, I am asking because I cannot do any change to the default login screen.

By tweaking the UI, would I be able to create my own login screen/popup and calling system.security.switchUser(username, password) to log the user? Thus not having to rely on the default login screen that I cant modify.