[BUG/FEATURE] v8.1.0 Tag browser doesn't let you paste tag json into UDT definitions

I want to copy json for tags within a UDT definition, edit it, and paste it back in order to bulk edit some tags in the definition, but I get this error when pasting them back:

IMO, it should allow this as you are able to copy and paste tags from the standard Tags section into UDTs (e.g. right click standard tag, copy, paste into UDT). When you try to copy the same tag json however, it fails :frowning:. I guess as a workaround I can paste the json into temp standard tags, then copy and paste those back into the UDT, but it’s a bit of a hack…
(I realise that I could also just copy the whole UDT json and edit that and paste it back int, but then I would need to find all of the stuff to edit within it, and I want to just run a script over the whole json to bulk edit it, which shouldn’t apply to all of the tags in the UDT)

Idea: Allow pasting of tag json into UDT definitions | Voters | Inductive Automation

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Bump. Trying to do this again, but can't... I have to create 50 UDT instances inside of this existing UDT definition, and I really don't want to have to create them manually....