[BUG/FEEDBACK] Cannot Load Demo (demo.ia.io)

Bad Behavior

Attempting to load http://demo.ia.io gets “stuck” on a continuous loop of Authenticating… and Connecting…

It seems a simple case of the WebSocket channel not being able to open. Not sure how to identify the issue and how to tell the IT Ops guys what to potentially unblock.

Is this server specific or protocol specific?

Good Behavior

Demo should load :slight_smile:


Browser: Chrome 70.0.3538.77 (x64)
OS: Windows 10

  • Corporate Network
  • Symantec 14 AV Client Side
  • Websense/Forcepoint Traffic Monitoring/Security
  • A bunch of other corporate blocking stuff!

That’s most likely what it is. Are you able to use a more simple websocket test, like the one on this page? https://websocket.org/echo.html

That test works…

By chance I tried going to https://demo.inductiveautomation.com/ today instead of demo.ia.io. And that loaded up fine. So, sounds like web filtering is indeed the issue. Do both URLs hit the same Ignition server? Or is there some other reason one would work and not the other?

They hit the same server - I wonder if something on your network doesn’t like the redirect through demo.ia.io.

At my office, I get stuck if on WiFi when using the mobile app, but it works if I turn off WiFi.