Bug(?) - File Explorer Root Directory with Multiple Operating Systems

I’m using v8.0.16 Vision.

It appears to me that the File Explorer Root Directory is only allowed to be changed to a new value if that directory exists on the development computer. For example, I can change the blank/empty default value to “C:/” on a Windows machine and it works fine. If I then try to change it to “C:/Garbage” (a folder that doesn’t exist on my machine) it just reverts back to “C:/”.

My issue is that when developing a project using different operating systems this can be a bit of an annoyance. For example, my Gateway is running on a Debian VM and I’m trying to set the Root Directory to a Linux style string (/mnt/hgfs/Shared). I don’t seem to be able to set this using my Windows machine as it is not a valid Windows directory path.

For extra confusion, if I into Debian and update the Root Directory to the correct Linux path and save the project, when I open that screen up on my Windows machine it throws a warning into the console and clears out the Root Directory. If you were to save that screen the correct Root Directory path would be gone.

I haven’t experimented as to what would happen if the Root Directory was a bound value instead of something just typed in. Another question - what happens if you’re developing a project for multiple operating systems? Are separate screens needed (or a Root Directory binding that checks the operating system and then returns the correct path for that OS)?

Is this an intentional feature? If so, it would be nice if it was described in the user manual.

A binding should work nicely. Even one that is an expression with just a constant quoted string.

To follow this up, bindings do appear to work okay. The one issue that is still there is that if binding doesn’t resolve to a valid (present on the accessing computer) the file explorer will silently default to the root directory.